About Us


Axlewood is a family run business.....

We genuinely want to make a difference in South Africa by creating jobs, building a sustainable business, protecting our natural world and reducing our carbon footprint

We have two extensive ventures – Axlewood and Alien Fuel. They complement each other in a Circular Economy where we aim to become a zero-waste business.

This makes sense not only for the environment but economically too.

sq m Factory Space
1000 +
Current Employees

Over the years we’ve come to learn that the timber industry worldwide generates a huge amount of waste, whilst the simple export of our Eucalyptus trees without processing is adding almost no value locally.

We have the equipment and expertise at Axlewood to change this. Some species of Eucalyptus trees make beautiful flooring, decking and furniture if treated and dried correctly – and in South Africa these are a sustainable source of timber.

They are incredibly fast-growing invasive trees, which is why many projects and programs are in place to remove them. We want to expand on these initiatives by adding local value to this so-called ‘waste’.

Shockingly, up to 75% of any given sawmill timber is wasted or chipped when processed from log to finished product, and the difference at Axlewood is that our sawmill “waste” is converted into a biodynamic fuel.

Our joint venture partner, Alien Fuel, converts all offcuts and chip into a clean burning and highly efficient solid biofuel that powers our purpose built industrial steam boilers.

In turn, these industrial boilers replace fossil-fuel-driven, varied industrial processes with a sustainable biofuel.